January 2nd, 2024

Prompt: Variable time — change the BPM, time signature, something time related.
BPM: 60-200

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#Jamuary2024 - ROAT with ArduBoy Clone Game Sounds.
Some wonky time from the Arduboy Clone at least…


Yeah, NTS-1 for the win! Such a solid machine! Are you running a tracker on the clone? This a very cool minimalist setup, I really enjoyed it!

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The clone runs a program I made for it to play the tones. I also added an extra physical output to it so 2 patterns can be played at the same time (although I think I didn’t do this)

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This is a long one, I totally got lost playing with the delay. Hope everyone also has fun with their jam today! We can do this!


Just trying to let go this month.

Loops, both played and ambient sounds from the Roland Fantom X-6, and that muddled bass lurking like a an ugly troll walking over the hills is running from the Korg MS2000R. With delay and reverb.

(btw, if you want to try something weird sonically, run all of these posts at the same time).


Nice! I had this playing in the background and I was totally immersed. Lovely textures.

(Your comment on delay reminded me of this).

This was fun and weird! Playing real drums over a variable beat is pretty tough, but I think it turned out:

Jan 2.mp3


Nice! Dark and broody. The outro sounded like being in the belly of a giant monster.

First time altering the song’s tempo—quite fun.


This was an interesting prompt, it made me want to play around with the instrument that started it all +30 years ago <3

3 time variables, day 2 Jam prompt :heavy_check_mark:


Sorry, I didn’t follow the prompt today, but I jammed nonetheless:

I’ll promise the next jam will be prompt-proof! :wink:


I love a bit of Frippertronics. Cool work on this!

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Nice work, sounds like a deranged factory.

Tempo changes are fun. You have some very cool sounds going on here. The beats are very cool.

More weird modular + rhodes today. This time I was feel’n a lil irie :star_struck:


Here’s mine:

A jam using the Arturia Beatstep Pro to sequence my new Landscape Noon (which I already love) and a Korg NTS-1, with some HPF slicing from the Korg Kaosspad 2s Mini for the synth. The tempo changes from 80 to 60 BPM, but I also slow down things by changing the slicing.


Tried to listen to this but the I couldn’t play it via the link. :frowning:

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Are you on an iPhone? I’ve seen people having trouble with iPhones before. :frowning:

You can try this link.

Tomorrow I’ll start posting somewhere else.

No, MacOs on M1 Mini. The download link worked.
Nice glitchy sounds! The Noon looks to be crazy good.

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