January 9th, 2024

Your party encountered a SURPRISE ATTACK by three hipster vampires carying a boombox and blasting my latest Jamuary jam at you on max volume, doing 3x D8 damage!

Roll for initiative!

Some details.

First half of the track is Genny VST, a Sega Mega-Drive VST that really has that gnarly FM sound I adore.
Second half is the same piece just playing around in the studio, it feels like what it could have been if the same game was released on Sega-CD back in the days.emphasized text



Lovely organised randomness, you did surprise me by really not knowing what to expect next but still managed to keep it all together and organise that lovely noise. Great job :slight_smile:

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lovely and adventurous story telling jam :slight_smile:

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My entry for today: unexpected hypnose

Here I’m playing with unexpected harmonics that occur when the delay timing overlaps with the tempo and new times and noises come into existence.


Orbital Rings Of Chaos
Wogglebug into Rings Clone tortured by Diode Chaos

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Stupid question- how to get the YT preview to show up?? TIA

I’m really digging it. I’ve only scratched the surface with what’s probably possible with it. Hoping it gets an update with custom wave tables soon

What a wash! Awesome!

Lovely pleasant music. And yes it is optimistic in a relaxed sort of way.
I couldn’t hear any field recordings of Australia and while the forrest is lovely, it isn’t Australian (but you probably knew that).
Well done! :slight_smile:

Programmed a simple cover of Goodbye Horses by Q Lazarus and sang over it with the new vocal fx processer. Learned how to sync scattering effects through midi.

Made with OPZ, Roland E4, and Sure SM58

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Very Mad Hatterish. The drums are getting heated too!
I do like some Mellotron, check out King Crimson for great use of this beast of a machine.

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Lovely ambient. The thing directly in front of you looks to be interesting. What is it?

When you paste the link into here cut off the part at the end after and including the ?
Like this:


Wow! That would be a very unexpected surprise. Great music, plenty of energy and cool melodies!


it’s a deerhorn organ, made by Ciat Lonbarde. It’s kind of like a theremin (uses gestures to play notes). It has 3 deehorns, each with two oscillators, one that plays as you move your hand towards it and the response one that plays as you move away. It’s one of those instruments that allows for creative tuning, for sure.


Another OP-Z jam, this time using a ring modulator on the Kaosspad 2S Mini:



Strayed a little ways away from the stuff I had been doing. ChatGPT and generative AI has been pushed hard at work lately, so I decided to see what it could do to help me start a jam.

The prompt I used was: “I want to write a musical jam that should include 3 elements - drums, synth pads, and a synth lead. It should be 87 bpm, an optimistic feeling, and contain something surprising. Give me a drum pattern and chord progression.”

It spit out what I asked for and I iterated on that for a bit! Didn’t turn out too bad, even though my FX transitions on the SP404 were off time.


*edit: this post got flagged as spam and I don’t know why? Maybe because I posted a link with no accompanying words? Hopefully these words will help?