Et Maintenant, que vais-je faire?


I will slowly accept the fact I don’t have to write, arrange, practice, record and publish a tune every day. That I can actually work on a song more than one day. That I can take time to practice some technicalities. That I did not ride my bike for too long.

Cheers :black_heart: :boom: :space_invader:


I am glad it is over as I really can use a little creative break BUT I would not have want to miss any second of it!

Next Jamuary I really want to stick with all 3 prompts as it really forced me to write in ways I never did before.

Keep up the creativity!


No worries!
Today is the start of FAWM - February Album Writing Month. I think the goal is to finish a track/song every two days Why not start with the pieces from Jamuary that you are most pleased with. Work on them a bit more + add a few new ones? Personally, I’ll be focusing on lyrics this month.


I truly love the idea of FAWM but I from here I follow my own route again. Besides this realm I also have a more pixeled one to take care of and I really want to get through all jams while discussing them in the studio with creative buddies.

For Carf it all started last December by being challenge by a certain spirit and it’s time to recieve those points he promised me (only going to be another shitload of work to script/write all of that, but totally worth it).


Yep, same here. The FAWM looks tempting, but I feel tired and dry, I need some rest!
And I need to take a step back in order to mix and release a best of from all these takes.
And also, this animal need to be taken care of :

I enjoyed Jamuary, and I’m glad I did it. But I’m also glad it’s done. :slight_smile:

I had started working on an album project in December. Also I had the goal of practicing bass guitar with some discipline in 2023. Both of those got put on hold for Jamuary. It’ll be good to get things back to normal!


I always love this meme because of the amount of time I spend alone. And I swear that same 70’s fridge was in my old band studio room - I bet it’s still in there!

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