Genuary 2023 is also happening

Look at this, a possible collab/mashup of ideas:

If you’re a coder, you can enhance your jams with your own code. But even more interestingly, Gemuary provides you with prompts for each day that can spark your creativity.


It’s cool to see the variations of Jamuary in other creative realms, sadly I never picked up coding myself and if I ever going to get a midlife crisis I know it will be in the toplist of things I regret while I had a lot of oppertunities to learn it back being an 80’s kid with Basic and various other things around me but nooo games where sooo much more interesting.

Still happy I know how to find my way with what-you-see-is-what-you-get programs like RPGmaker, it’s a great midway to at least create the things I want.

For what I have seen and experienced, the true world of programming is really a world on it’s own that can truly take so much more time of your life than writting music. I really respect those who have chosen that journey into creativity.

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