I blogged about my Jamuary experience

This might be of general interest, too, but I suspect there’s bits of my post that will resonate the strongest with the artists here who also participated in Jamuary.

Here goes!


Thanks for sharing! I was especially interested in the Youtube numbers section.

I understand these kinds of videos are largely uninteresting to the viewing population. But it did get me thinking about what kind of content I could make that people would be more interested in. Also, the sheer dedication to daily practice was inevitable. In fact, I’ve been keeping up daily sessions so far in February too, largely unintentionally. :heart:


“it would have been too easy for me to just do solo piano stuff.”

joke aside, nice read.

oh and also : “use 3/4 or 6/8 meters on days divisible by 3”. Dude…


OK some more feedbacks from me :
Yes I learnt a lot during this month. piano technique, production technique, etc.
I also found that the 2 minutes was a good max length to seek for, more was 1. hard to do and 2. probably boring.

but I want to raise these technicalities specially:

  • I discovered on the 29th day that I recorded all my tracks with Left and Right inverted. I use black jack wires and I plugged them without checking, and voilà. During the whole month, my poor listening and my poor monitoring speakers were not enough for me to realise the problem. It was when I finally used my good HIFI sound system for mixing that I noticed something was wrong. So yes, all the youtube videos are inverted. I realised this problem only because on the 29th I recorded that Steve Reich thing with 2 pianos, balanced strictly Left and Right, and they were inverted.
  • there’s more : I also discovered, while nerding around during the mixing process, that it is actually possible to record my digital piano (Yamaha P-125) DIRECTLY in the computer, through USB and the Yamaha drivers, WITHOUT the need of any audio interface. So, without a DA to (inverted) jacks to AD.
    Now I know…
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