January 13th, 2024

Sorry for the late prompt!

Prompt: Use delay in a creative way
BPM: 92… 92… 92…
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#jamuary2024 - Bespoke Teensy controlled Launchpad Sequencer Jam

The drums and the TD-3 had their patterns generated by chance until I got two I liked together. I’ve spared this process from you as some of them were ugly.


Why did the procrastinator become a musician?

Because they love the art of delay!


Played around with a lot of effects I’ve never used before. This time, I pulled out the Gretsch to get a more cool/rolled-off tone on the guitar and my “The Edge” pre-set stereo chorus/delay I’ve got on the Zoom pedal: Jan 13.mp3

The bass and guitar were also thrown through a bunch of different “experimental” effects in logic to give a strange underwater sound. I think I might use more of the reverse stuff in the future.


Medusa on a random sequence run into the Boss DD200 delay on pattern setting 1, then into the Hologram Microcosm, and iOs app Patterning2 with a Buchla kit providing the beat.


Find the white rabbit!

Seven synths doing their delayed thing.
It’s fun how they all do a very small thing but combined it creates this massive soundscape.

Modal Skulpt on drone lead.

Modal Craftsynth and Behringer Crave on Digitech pedal with various effects doing the repeating low sound. Crave and fx pedal modulated during recording.

AN1x has a tiny sound before the repeating low sound, not doing a lot but what it does is perfect <3

DX Reface doing it’s Bladerunner thing.

JP8000 icey sound.

RM1x various FX sounds.


Smooth jam and again fun setup, the RD and TD go hand in hand with those Volca’s.

You mentioned that Teensy before and I suddenly realised what it is and that I used to have one until I gave it away to a friend who could do much more with it than I could ever do, I love LSDJ but I don’t have any joy anymore in using trackers since I married Fruities pianoroll back early 2000. It was made for me by another friend when I was in need of a gameboy receiving a MIDI trigger from a Windows pc but in the end I never used it for a project.

It seems you are doing your own creative things with this little board, would love to hear some more about what you exactly do with it that would otherwise not be possible with these synths :slight_smile:

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I am sure you just pressed one button and added 512 fx in the mix.
And of course it all works out as it should.

Also, please do tell me you came up with that lovely joke yourself, I know you are creative enough for that stuff :wink:

Do you still rock that mMC909 Groovebox from back in the days?

Ooow that crazy reverse time thinie in the delay is absolutely amazing.
Is that the stereo chorus/delay you mentioned?

Great jam!


Although using a Hologram Microcosm might be cheating 'cause it can make every boring sound suddenly turns into something amazing.
Just kidding, in the end it’s all about what you do with it and how you use it but it is one of those pedals that truly keep on surprising me, I simply love it but would probably never own it myself.

Lovely jam.

Sure, I wrote up a TIC TAC TOE game music generator here:
This should give some idea how the system works.

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Boom Tish!
Nice joke.
I do love a ping pong delay. This is a lovely piece, it’s like chasing a toddler around the room.

That is amazing, and I also understand how you use the tweeny now.
Really cool to just mod that launchpad that way.
It’s a totally different way than how i write my music but tools like these can lead to things unexpected that can bring totally new ideas into the project <3

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Oh I do love the sound of the guitar and the effects you are getting. Cool.

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Thanks. I don’t usually write this way when I make Prog tracks. But I like to try different things, hence these experiments.

Interesting idea, I like the chain of things you are using and it has come up with something very weird, yet it got me in. Nice!

Excellent music to go with your description. The low raspy sound is very cool. Well done!

Here’s my delay experiment, using the OP-Z and the Kaosspad:



Lovely sounds and always good to read the name kaosspad.

The name was mentioned before on the forum and it always takes me back to 19 year old me strolling the music store seeing that OG Kaos Pad that started it all, it was a lovely effect device in a time when trance music was getting into the Anthem Trance era (early 2000) and will always have a special place in my heart.

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I never hit reply this morning, swore I did. Here is my jam:

I’ll catch up on everyone’s submissions later, ended up being up for over 24 hours and reality doesn’t seem quite right yet :smiley: