January 15th, 2024

Prompt: The Fool’s Journey

The order of the 22 Major Arcana [Tarot] cards represents the journey of life referred to as ‘The Fool’s Journey’. The thought concept sees the Fool, the first card of the Major Arcana, depicted as a newborn baby yet to experience the many different challenges, joys and lessons of life. Then, as the Fool embarks on his journey, each card of the Major Arcana presents a new lesson and stage of personal growth. The final stage, The World card, symbolizes the accumulation of knowledge and experience gained by the Fool throughout his eclectic journey. By the end, the Fool is anything but a fool, instead symbolizing a person who has reached full maturity by overcoming all of the adversities presented by the universe.


This one is a Jaunty feel which I feel could represent a Fool’s Journey if push comes to shove…

#jamuary2024 - Bespoke Teensy Launchpad Sequencer - Jaunty Jam with Volcas RD-6, TD-3 and NTS-1


Love the description. One of the things that I love to keep in mind while building a song is that it should be like a flower, it should slowly open up, building towards a goal and in the end show it’s true beauty.

Muse has one song called Madness that I think truly follows the lines of your daily prompt <3

Of course this is not always needed for every genre and every project but it is a thing I love to play around with and it’s a great challenge to do it in less than one day.

I haven’t done any trance projects with those lovely JP8000 and AN1x… Might be time to fire them up as Anthem trance is just that one thing that has this prompt written all over it.

Keep on jammin!


Another lovely jam, you know, the more I see of these lovely crazy setups and the more I slowly learn about the man behind the knobs the more I wish I could just come by and take a look myself and join in on the adventure.Too bad it is on the other side of the world but I am glad you joined us here at Jamuary.

Keep them coming, and greetings from the Netherlands!


Thanks @CarfDarko that would be fun! I’m glad I joined too.
It’s a pity jamuary wasn’t a thing before 2012, I visited the Netherlands in 2012.

I really liked this prompt. I spent, like, 20 minutes composing the bass part and had to rush to get the guitar and drums by my time limit. I switch between 3/4 and 4/4 which gave my nascent drumming skills a run for their money!

A bit of prog-rock to tell a story of the Fool: Jan 15.mp3


“bweeeeoooo!” what a way to start a song :slight_smile: The marimba-y drums/pads are so fun when they come in. Really dig the rhythm and time signature here.

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It’s modular time again. This has three oscillators, and Plonk. there’s a bit of delay and reverb at the end of the chain before my recorder. Kinda abrasive. It started out as a drone but I started massaging it before I had set up the Tascam.

I recently found out Salvador Dali did a set of tarot cards and I thought that was interesting.



Jam turned out a little different than I had in mind… Seems I now have a professor Layton puzzle to solve!


Now this is a journey! Feels like the opening of a sci-fi movie that i would DEFINITELY watch.


haha definitely nailed the professor layton vibe. Also kinda reminds me of the PS1/PS2-era harry potter games. what’s the super-vibrato lead part? It comes in around 2:05 at one point. I reallllly like the way it sounds

Great to hear the gaming vibe is there where it should be :slight_smile:

I think you are looking for the behringer crave hooked onto a digitech fx board and has two jacks plugged in. Not in the studio right now but I am sure tha the inputs are VCF RES and HOLD. Outputs I don’t know but I will edit this later (its late over here…)
I love playing around with the Crave and fx pedals, such a lovely little mono synths can do so much more.

Thanks, by pushing the random button on my system I can get some cool patterns. Then I can just play over the top of them.

Wild stuff. It’s interesting how modular can come up with unexpected results.

Like @dreamindani says, it sounds like the start of a Sci Fi movie that I would also watch.

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I can get the Harry Potter vibe, but my first reference was Alice Cooper’s disturbing song “Steven”.
Anyway, references aside, this is a great track! It would suit a Fool’s Journey beautifully.

Decaying Plastics Of A Senile Civilization - started this a while back & just finished it. Nerdseq/Arbhar/Bitbox/Data Bender/Rain Maker w/plastic percussion & plastic noise samples.


In an attempt to follow the journey of the prompt, I started with some patterns and voices, held on to the theme, but altered the solo and arp voices and riffed over some different mute groups on the drums. Challenging, but opened the door to changing voices on the fly beyond just tweaking the sounds. I like the jangly arp that I switched to a little over half way in, very spacey… a new beginning, like a fool being reborn. Turned out to be a long track.

Made with KSP, OP1, OPZ