January 16th, 2024

We’ve past the point of no return! More than halfway there!

Prompt: use an instrument in an atypical way (examples: bass for melody; drums as pads; sawtooth wave as percussion; etc.)
BPM: 111
Mood: confused


OOOoookay… Never even tried something like that before… Going to be fun. Curious how the other jamz going to be :slight_smile:

#jamuary2024 - ROAT and Wingie2 - Ambient Jam
Sorry, just used some atypical gear already. :wink:


The best groovebox that can be atypical is the Model: Cycles, so here’s my attempt.

The kick is done with the Tone engine,
the hihat with the snare,
the clap with the chord,
the melody with the kick,
the bass with the perc
and the second melody with the metal


Finally actually hooked up the Nova to the MiniFreak. The last few jams, I’ve meant to and forgot to switch to it, or used it for a different sound. Controlling the macros with the touchpad. Towards the middle I tried using my pinky, ring and thumb to bounce between the different sections of the touchpad. I’ll tried to do something other than another Mosi jam, but tonight was a struggle and nothing felt right. Made the beat and it felt better. Hopefully it turned into something enjoyable.


I like this. It sounds like some lovely melodic lead to me.
Well done!

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Yeah, pretty confused here.

Patterning is running some Zither-like thing called Kantele. Soundbow is that loop that gets all weird at the end, which is a sample of my voice. There’s some synth bass somewhere in there trying to play a melody but it probably sounds more like a sound check at some alien space-port night club.


@kanduvisla That sounds great!

and @MyopicMycelium that guitar controller looks like a lot of fun!

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Dreamy, I like how, once again, it might sound random but you seem to be in control of what is happening, like a systematic chaos <3

Nails the prompt for sure.

Love it, especially those lovely little granualizers. I have such a soft spot for them.
Also intersting to see how you handle that little box.
Epic jam!


That went smoother then expected and it was tons of fun!

Started with the Behringer Crave, looked up a setting for a kick and did things with it I never did before.
Found an FX sound in the JP8000 that on it’s lowest became a weird percussion aslong as you use the aftertouch.
Used a RM1x FX and was able to made something of an arp melody with it which really blew my own mind.
Modal Skulpt is doing the incoming added sound together with the Streichfett whichs is hooked on two FX pedals making a lot of NOIZE together.


It feels like I’ve just experienced 10 episodes of an amazing Cyber Ninja anime in just two minutes and 5 seconds.


The jam turned out great, sometimes when my own struggles get too much I just go full auto pilot and see whereever the ship takes me. You too got enouch experience to go out sailing while building that boat.

Keep on jammin!

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I love the description, while not a whole lot seems to go on it still feels like it could be a nice enviromental soundscape. Something busy cyber city while standing next to a traffic light or train stop.

Great work on following the prompt and coming up with a nice groove. I agree that arp from the RM1x FX is cool.

I think @CarfDarko has hit it on the head, some busy place full of futuristic cyber stuff. Or an alien space-port night club…

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I was just blown away what you actually can do with those standard fx sounds, another thing of Jamuary, learn new things about old synths <3

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So, my partner’s great aunt and uncle have traveled a lot and they had these old Uyghur instruments that I recorded on my phone. Today I finally sampled them and used them in a mix. Also threw some distorted guitar as a sudo-synth line to try to use it a bit differently. It’s a bit weird!

Jan 16.mp3

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I love that grainy little ramp at the end of each loop. It sounds so satisfying