January 20th, 2024

Prompt: Euclidian rhythms
BPM: 80
Key: D Dorian

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Better take a calculater with me tomorrow to the studio…

Congratz on the house btw!
And I’m sorry to hear about your sister, that you are even find time to be here for this month is truly appriciated.

Much respect!


#jamuary2024 - Generative Random Changes to Sequences with Bespoke Teensy Sequencer (&Launchpads)

This jam has so much going on I added comments to the video if you are interested. Each sequencer/synth starts with the same sequence. Each sequence has a note for each “bar” subtly altered randomly within the set key. I also changed the sequence length for two synths.

The Volca Drum has probability and ratchet sent from my sequencer too.

Occasionally I reload the original saved sequence.


I looked up an Euclidian rhythms vst, tried it and before I knew it I was having too much fun. It seems I am going to have a saturday night off first time this jamuary :slight_smile:


Very cool jam Carf. Nice melodies. Euclidian rhythms are too much fun, before you know it hours have passed.

orry for the length, I totally got lost playing my handpan in this.


I read the wiki page on Euclidian rhythms Beto linked there, which I know I’ve seen before, and thought my mind is just not awake enough yet to even try to figure that out.

Medusa, Patterning on the ipad, Boss DR-770 on a rockbass kit. I switched kits on Patterning while playing.


sounds awesome!! I had my head bobbing while listening. Nicely done

no need to apologize for the length, this type of music is best when it’s long form, IMO. I’ll admit I did skip around a bit, since it’s a slightly busy Saturday here, but I did enjoy every bit that I heard :blush:

I apologize for not being consistent with my jams here. It’s been a busier month than I would’ve preferred. Anyway, the good news is that I do have a recorded jam for today. I got a minilogue xd yesterday, unboxed it at 9 pm after work, and really started getting into it this morning. This jam is on the new synth along with the deerhorn organ, utilizing Blooper, MOOD MKII and Iridium.



Manually set up some polyrhythms on my Drumbrute. Hopefully they’re Euclidian enough: Jan 20.mp3

Sent a few of the tones (the zap and the tom) as "in"s to the Moog’s oscillators and then let them fight. I think the drumbrute won :wink:


Great work this, I admit I listened to about 2/3rds of it. I can see why you went on, I would have done the same.

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Lovely sounds. The monologue must be great to play, I have NTS-1 and that has a lovely sound. I imagine the big brother is fabulous. Enjoy!

I agree the drumbute won! Well done.

Another fun prompt, not every Jam do I get to use a calculator! Kept with the Euclidean rhythm on the drum parts, bass, and pad… but played the lead sparsely overtop however it happened to come out.

Made with: OP1, OPZ, and KSP


The Euclidean parts sound great, a bit of randomness makes a huge difference. Lovely listen well, done.

I made myself a drum machine for band practice (no real drummer :frowning: available) and putting some randomness into the groove makes so much difference.

Hello World; Euclidean rhythms on the Nerdseq.



Cool beats and sequences James. This prompt is tailor made for modular, of course there is a sequencer for that.

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