January 22nd, 2024

Prompt: Twelve bar blues
Key: E
BPM: 80

Birthday Blues time!

Happy birthday! :slight_smile:

It makes Jamuary even more fun for me :wink:


Happy Birthday @CarfDarko ! :slight_smile:

#Jamuary2024 - SY1000 Guitar synth Blues

All sounds except for the drums are from the SY1000. So I had to do seperate takes for each part.

I couldn’t ignore this prompt, but I kept it short, I could have played for a lot longer…


Didn’t see the prompt, but it’s got guitars! So, as we can see, I’m not the greatest musician, but I love live looping sets. So, to spare the hour it took to get the perfect takes, I did that off camera and used the Push for the looping sonic bed. There’s a few layers of spacey glitchy electric guitar. The main arp is on my Orangewood Acoustic and then I also threw on some bass guitar. Standard ableton rock drums as well. Couldn’t leave out the Nova, so I am testing out the Multi-Region patch, with a fresh update (found a bug using the Nova on ableton, the developer had it fixed in an hour). Let’s me split the touchpad into any number of regions and assign each to a different midi channel. So, I had fun experimenting with Cello and Violin. Tried for a post-rockish vibe, but I don’t know what genre it landed in.


Happy birthday, Carf! :smiley: and late birthday @Gubna

Happy birthday @CarfDarko ! Mine was Friday!

Here’s some space music


I figured the blues would be fun on a ukulele. I was right!

Jan 22.mp3

Happy birthday @CarfDarko! Hope you love the blues as much as I do.


@CarfDarko Gefeliciteerd ouwe! May your birthday be filled with finely judged outrage and just the right amount of leadership to steer your year of adventures!


Jam 22, my bday jam and it was filled with joy!
Never played around with this genre before, all sounds comin from the MC505 Groovebox and drums by the Boss RD6

Artwork for thumbnail and video by my 5y old daughter Lizzy Darko!
Edit for artwork done with Animated Drawings


I had fun with the prompt, but now now it’s also my new personal challenge to make the Jamuary bday sessions always upbeat/positive tracks :slight_smile:

How is the new studio doing?

Thank you :slight_smile:
Had a wonderful and a great jam!

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Much appriciated :slight_smile:
Hope your jam was filled with more positive vibes today.

Well that was totally unexpected!
Love seeing the diversity in your work.
Nice track, cool sounds and great video, it really enhances the jam itself.

That was another jam with the heart at the right place.
We are 3 weeks in now, we see eachother on this forum most of the days and what I hear is someone who knows what he is doing and is going the right way.
I don’t know how long ago you started but I know that it took me at least 12 years before I reached a level where I felled like I knew what I was doing but we all have our personal story.

What I am trying to say, non of us is the greatest musician, there is always someone that can do better, but what you do and share is music dude, and if these are just jams then I wonder what would happen if you work it out as a full song.

Keep on jammin <3

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Thank you and if you don’t mind I’m going to space now with your jam as my soundtrack.

It’s an interesting atmospheric piece, there is a vague melody going on in the background but it really has to try its best to find it’s way through the wobbles.

It makes me curious, what did you use to write this jam?

Thank you, just 15 minutes to enjoy it myself while listening to todays jams over here :slight_smile:

You truly found the blues, I would have loved to try and write some myself but it’s a genre I never tried before and I don’t even know where to start :wink:

Great jam!


Soupo! Thanks dude, I’m sure we’ve celebrated some of my bday’s back in the good ol’ days!

Lovely jam, that transition around 00:38 is tight!
Great persucssion too. And then another nice transition 1:24 sounds like
you had fun with this one!


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