January 23rd, 2024

Prompt: tone row — create a sequence of the twelve unique pitches of the chromatic scale, each used only once, ensuring no repetition until the series is complete.
Key: All of them
BPM: 144

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I love the new things I learn and play around with this Jamuary!
Keep them comin DM!

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Bit of a rush today, minding Granddaughter…
Not exactly following the prompt, but I have lots of odd notes… Okay definitely not 144BPM

#jamuary2024 - CV Controlled Monotron Delay and ROAT

Teensy CV (Control Voltage) Sequencer into Monotron via CV Mod. (And ROAT)

I did the Monotron CV input and built a Teensy controlled CV step sequencer. It also sends MIDI but this feature wasn’t used here.

There are 8 bars in each sequence of 8 CV values or notes (for 64 steps). I can ‘draw’ the CV values by turning a Potentiometer (Knob) as the sequence plays.


Tried something different where I arranged the song and had it run completely by itself, so I can just focus on starting it and then playing. As things go, the first take was pretty good, but for some reason the video didn’t record. The second take was amazing, I was surprised that I performed so good. As luck would have it, I didn’t hit record in Ableton, so that was gone. The jams must go on!


just got this recorded before work! Have a good one today!


I don’t reaaaaaally understand what i just made… but i pulled out the 808 emulator on my Roland drumkit to make it happen: Jan 23.mp3



First you hear patterning, then the microfreak and synth bass from the Boss DR770 drum machine (a pattern I created using all the keypads which is midi’d out to the microfreak). The lead lines I played manually.



Bass with a side of bass! Nice descent into madness at the end! Great track!

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Just to be sure I was doing the right thing I downloaded that first MIDI example from the wiki and start working around it. Happy with the results, when I started I was like… This is never going to work, but after changing it from 180 to 120 I suddenly heard a vibe I like to write, spooky sounds!

Jam itself was written in fruity with Edirol Orchestra, saved and reopened in the studio to let the Streichfett and Crave join in to fill in some details that where missing.


Oh some neat mods once again, you know how to tweak those lovely little synths!
It’s so fun to let those mini and in my case oldschool kiddy keyboards reach new heights with a little bit of help <3

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Love the thumbnail and I am always in for riding the waves!
Great arrangement to just answer on with a live instrument.
The jams must go on!

A bit longer than a week and then it’s finally time for Baldurs Gate 3 :wink:

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Nice session and lovely fx on the video, really enhances the dreamy like feel of the sounds.

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That one took a bit to find other parts to go with the tone row, but learned a new thing… plus I kinda like the tone row I ended up with.

Made with: OP1, KSP, OPZ


This is an interesting blend of notes and synths. I like how it builds and the metallic sounds in the last ¼. Cool!

Great jam. It’s always easier if you can concentrate on the lead instrument. Pity your favourite take didn’t make it, but this is cool anyway…

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Lovely dreamy sounds. And as Carf said nice video effect to go with it.
What’s the guitar doing? I couldn’t hear anything added… Or is it my old ears!!

I like @MyopicMycelium 's description. Bass it up!

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This is great! Love the manic lines and the weird chords.

Fabulous Video, looks like your music sounds.
The music is certainly spooky. Challenged accepted and succeeded. Well done!