January 24th, 2024

Prompt: Try to incorporate microtonality in your jam, either as the main focus or as a background voice. The Scale Workshop might be a useful resource.
Key: not really
Mood: exploratory

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#Jamuary2024 S-1, ROAT and Modified Arduboy Clone

Wonky and weird! Think this works for this prompt


This is a loop I made with the Roland Fantom X-6, which is why it doesn’t completely sync. The microfreak is in there a bit too. I played the lead part as the loop played on my Ditto x4. This was recorded direct stereo into soundforge and then mastered.


The main loop is great, it reminds of some cool track, can’t remember it though. I like the fizzy lead and the lines you play. Well done!

sounds very interesting! lots of unusual sounds that work well together. Also I like your camera setup a lot. Nicely done!

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this is a fun jam! Agreed with the previous comment, the lead part is so satisfying to listen to

I forgot the other CWO lover here, but I finally do what I’ve been meaning to do since I got the Nova: Control the CWO with it! I hope you enjoy it, too! I thought this was only five minutes long, but looks like I lost myself playing around again. Found some new sounds and find a couple sweet spots as I go on.


This really broke my brain, but i was able to tune the synth and the VST Santoor to both be off by ~6 cents. I also used a harmonic minor scale which has always been tough for me to hear “right” anyway…

Jan 24.mp3

felt good to break my brain a bit.



I was waiting for the shinobi to leap out of the shadows and strike me down! Love the sound of this track!

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Seriously reaching some Floyd vibes with this jam, great combination of sounds! Shared it with some guitar buddies 'cause I am curious what they think about that Mosi and the fun you have with it :slight_smile:


The cyberchurch bells are ringing, the CyberChurch2.0.EXE service is about to begin.

Please put on your headset, log in to your account and open page 420.

On the bass
Behringer Crave
Drone to add moRe vibes to the bassline
Waldorf Streichfett
Epic Lead
DX Reface
Good ol’ Boss DR-3
Microtone (music) - Wikipedia first midi thingie, only pitched it a little lower.

I just realized how convinient the daily prompts are besides of inspiration. It also saves me 20 minutes of coming up with a name for the track!

Mixing is a little messy… There was a lot of fighting for frequencies…
Hope the higher notes are not too annoying in this final session.


Here’s my new jam. Instrument-wise, I’m still having fun combining guitar, deerhorn, and minilogue xd along with some pedals. This time I used my Chase Bliss trio… Guitar/MOOD MKII, deerhorn/Blooper, and minilogue xd/Habit. Hope you enjoy listening.


Love the prompting of some sound exlporimentation. Tried to get as many voices as I could in this Jam to be slightly microtonally imperfect for different reasons: slow LFO on the pitch, the CWO filter, LFO on a filter control, etc. Kept the drums clean, but otherwise pretty messy.

Made with KSP, OP1, and OPZ


Had fun with an arp on the Terra! The patch was pretty playable so it’s a little longer than normal.


Thanks, the camera is an iPad on top of some boxes. High Tech! :wink:

Got some great sounds here. The Nova is so cool. I know what you mean about getting lost in it. It would be very easy to do…

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I agree, I expected something similar. Also love the sound of it. Head Broken = Cool music

Great mysterious vibe! It swarms over me… takes a breather and then comes again. The notes at about 1:40 are cool!

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Great music to suit the images. It all sounds fabulous to me, nothing out of place.