January 27th, 2024

Prompt: make a jam for the perfect roadtrip
BPM: depends on how fast you drive :slight_smile:
Key: G major

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#jamuary2024 - ArduBoy Clone 8 Bit Sounds thru NTS-1 with Volca Bass and Drum

Roadtrips in Australia are long so it needs to be fast… And longer…

The Volca Drum provides a solid Kick. The Bass has individual sequences for each voice. Then I use the ArduBoy Clone to make 8 bit game type sounds for that retro feel. The NTS-1 provides delay and flanger for the Arduboy clone.


Arturia Microfreak, Patterning, and Moog Mariana.

I’ve never had a car, but I’ve thought about listening music driving down the road late at night for miles and miles.


Reminds me of the end credits music to Blade Runner. Kind of get out of town but its gonna be a while.

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Craving a cyber drive beneath a palm’s twilight silhouette.


Like any road trip, this one takes a few minutes to get going and goes completely off the rails by the time it ends (CWO is back). I took myself out of timeout and used the OP1 for the drums voice so I could tune the bass note to a low G on the DBOX, which reminded me it also allows more polyphony per midi track than the OPZ sample channels, so I could double up the kick with a toned bass drum, and layer the claps and splashes. Really loving the BOW and CLUSTER synth engines on the OPZ lately.

Made with: Kerbel Space Program (KSP) :wink:, OP1, OPZ


Great synthwave track! Had me grooving from the start!

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Great track! Like how it gradually went off the rails. Makes me think that the last ten minutes before you arrived, you remembered that you left the kids at the rest stop 200 miles back.

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my wife tells me that I drive like a grandma… so here’s to all the grandmothers out there:


What a lovely strange combination of sounds, those Arduboy sounds really take me back to the old DOS internal speaker sound <3

How it envolces at 01:00 was totally unexpected and a great twist.
Another one of your jams that keeps on giving and envolving.

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Ok so. My favorite “road trip” music is somewhere between b52s, blondie and aerosmith. Despite my vocals sounds very unlike me in this… I think they sound pretty much exactly like a bastard baby of those three bands:
Jan 27.mp3
So I’d say it worked out. Also, really proud of my drums in this. Made me work up a sweat.


:red_car: Jammin! :red_car:

This prompt really hyped me for jammin today, the arcade game Outrun and my love for synths I discovered around 7 truly is the foundation of my part-time/long-time hobby.

And I am happy that my vibes where back and truly out of this world writing this jam, I really had to hold back adding/editing because in the end it’s still a jam and before you know it you are tweaking a detail for half an hour.

Wrote the blueprint on flstudio with a Sega Mega-Drive VST, it’s my go-to workaround to sketch out a project and send the files upstairs to the studio to let the synths do their work.

Used almost everything that I have.

Boss RD6
Roland JP8000
Behringer JT4000
Modal Skulpt
Modal Craftsynth 2.0
Waldorf Streichfett
Yamaha AN1x
Yamaha RM1x
Yamaha DX Reface

I’m so happy with the sound that kicks in at the 3rd part of the song, That sweet sweet FM vibe from the DX Reface really nails the vibe I was looking for and makes me proud of being able to write this after so many years <3


Now Approaching Reality - music to keep you awake if you are coming from way out of town. I was going to do my usual set piece but realized that it sounded way better if the individual pieces cycled on their own. Disting Ex (Poly FM and Multisample) and Bitbox on voices, with Magneto doing doubling duty on the Poly FM. The minibass voice on the Bitbox was kind of growly for some reason.


It has a weird machine like thing going on that just takes you on a ride on its own. I don’t ride a car either but I love riding the synthwaves :wink:

Starts of lovely, straight into the waves. Neato FM sounds blending in nicely. Yup, I love to join this trip.

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That actually happened to my wife when she was little. Got left at an ice cream stand off the highway.

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interesting build up, especially when the bass joins, it truly takes you on a ride after that. I know KSP but never played it myself but what part of the song are taken from the game? I love to play around with samples, visited many game sound files in the past myself :wink:

Cool road trip song. Very punk like! Well done on the drums, I never really tried to play drums as my brother is sooo good at them.
I like the ending… Rawk!

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Curious what is on the menu today :slight_smile:

Starting off with a lovely Mosi intro, really curious to see what the future will bring with you and that instrument, would love to merge those forces one day.
But that is something for after jamuary.

Nice and slow jammin vibes, perfect for the later hours during our road trip.

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