January 28th, 2024

Prompt: use a flanger
BPM: 87
Key: G minor
Mood: experimental

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#jamuary2024 - Berlin Machine and PO33 Madness

Perhaps it should be called Modular Machine. :wink:


Just HOW many crazy devices you have in that studio of yours?

Have never seen it before but it looks really fun to play around with and try to do crazy things with, exactly like you are doing.

So many questions… I truly need to do something after this Jamuary like just doing a little interview in my trusty pixeled studio :wink:


Thanks, you probably haven’t seen it because I made it with a Teensy microcontroller. I was experimenting with different waveforms per step. Different step lengths etc…

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It’s home made?
How awesome it must be to make music with a synth you build yourself!

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It is fun. I enjoy tinkering with stuff, this is all DSP on the Teensy.
Yes, home made.

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In high school I had a friend who started using turntables and learned how to beat juggle. It was the first time I saw you could create a flange with a beat by speeding up or slowing down two of the same sound sources (in that case, it was two of the same record playing the same part on the record).

I didn’t have a flanger available here at the moment so I played the same beat on Patterning and then sped it up and slowed it down in parts to create the flange. Kronecker and Scape are the other synth sounds going on.


Flanger and experimental! Tick
Nice sounds, cool jam. Tick!

Journey of the Wandering Flangers


okay this is my favorite track I’ve done so far this month. I hope you enjoy it :grin:


wow that’s awesome!! very very cool

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I gotta admit it was really hard not to just play a pink floyd song. So I stretched out a bit and tried to play a lead line on synth instead of vocals or guitar: Jan 28.mp3

I got scared and pulled the synth back in the mix, though… figured I’d let the stronger pieces shine. Overall, I’m not super proud of it but I like how it pushed me a bit. One might call this… an experiment :wink:


I realllly really like this. I love the waterfall sounds! It adds some crispy highs that make me happy :slight_smile:

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Egh… No luck today.

Studio pc is dying, after setting up this piece and recording it for a listen outside the studio test I found my studio pc rebooted itself and I did not save the project…

Can only blame myself, should not have trusted that system in the first place.

Started a fresh idea, was doing GREAT, better then this upload buuuuut PC decided that it was not feeling the vibes at all and it froze once again.

Glad I recorded at least something today but… Not the best one on the Jamuary set list.


Clever way to make a flange! It ended up being a nice mix of a phaser and a delay. Love the ever-increasing claps.

I have no idea what is happening in this video but I really like all the sounds that came out of it.

oh no! I am a compulsive CMD+S presser because I’m always terrified of this exact situation. I’m glad you were able to get something out, though :slight_smile:

Since I missed the battery-powered jam prompt the other day, figured I’d bring the pocket operators out again. The rhythm is running through the MiniFreak, so I can use the explodey frog and comb filter effects.

Please tell me I’m not the only one on the struggle bus the last few days! I feel like my creative organs are all shriveled up!


i’m really glad you enjoyed listening!! I’m happy that I can get the flowing river/waterfall sounds without leaving my office space now :grin: the space I created with the plants and fountain today will hopefully be inspiring to me for a while now

i like it! and experiments are super important. They lead to interesting results and even if the current song isn’t your favorite, you might learn techniques to bring along on something that might become your new best work. Thanks for sharing!

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