January 30th, 2024

Almost there!

Black MIDI is a music genre consisting of compositions that use MIDI files to create a song or a remix containing a large number of notes.

Prompt: write a “Black MIDI” song
BPM: 127
Key: as many as possible

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Last year I skipped this prompt because my creative alter-ego does not like writting “meme like music for the lulz”.

He sometimes can be a complicated bastard but that is a totally different topic.

So when reading today’s prompt I knew it was time to get back to another prompt from last year that I really REALLY adore and wanted to revisit this year.

I ignored the daily rule and started earlier than 00:00, it’s the first time doing so but it’s because I really REALLY wanted to try out this idea once more this jamuary because if it is up to my creative alter-ego it SHOULD be a yearly thing.

The Imaginary Band prompt from last year <3

I’m sorry but I fell in love with Super High Huskies and I had to revisit that stupid high school rock vibe I hate to admit but have a bit too much fun with to write.

Stilll, during the process of being in that zone I managed to write a pianoroll that goes deep, exactly the way I like it. I try my harderst to stay away from going that kind of deep because before you know it, you are nitpicking on a 2 second details for 30 minutes…

But I wrote a pianopiece which is part of the jam that my amazing wife commented on, jokingly, like “seems to me like you are still trying to do that prompt”

Funny enough for me it does not feel like that but I really liked her respose, it made me realise again what I learned from Jamuary '24 anad after 30 years of trying to write something that resembles music.

I finally understand how FUN and important the more complicated chords are and not out of reach, and it truly helps me reaching new grounds.

Thanks once more @beto for making all of this possible <3

Here is the part I was editing that is part of tomorrows jam


That sounded fantastic, I can’t wait to hear the finished version!

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Since @Expensive_Notes kept showing off the awesome sax-guitar, I had to try with the Nova. Hooked it up to Session Horns Pro and for the life of me, couldn’t figure out how to get the velocity or dynamics to map, so I just mapped it to a volume knob in ableton, as well as vibrato. Expensive_Notes was much better at the sax, but I had fun.


Me too! That’s all I want to say but it is too short… :wink:

#jamuary2024 - Oddly Ambient - Wingie2, Volca Drum and PO33


This might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever made:
Jan 30.mp3

Thank you for the opportunity to make your ears sad.


Oops, misread the prompt big time. Thought it said “use only black keys.” Only got clued in to my blunder when trying to grasp why @CarfDarko’s comment was making sense. Anyway, here’s a jam exclusively rocking the black keys! :musical_keyboard:


Just stumbled upon an old usb stick in the studio that was not mine, seems it contained more work from the band I managed for one day last year.

This was a long and hard session, computer in the studio is REALLY dying and I need to save every few minutes cause it can just freeze whenever it dislikes whatever I am doing at that moment… But I am glad with how it worked out.

It’s a real SHH jam <3
Can’t wait for next years revisit, this now has become a personal yearly tradition!


This is amazing, I love it! And I’m really happy that you went with the prompt from last year. :slightly_frowning_face:

I just had to… I just had too much fun with it, it might be just a kind of guilty pleasure ;p

Even the struggles with hardware could not bring down my spirit, it could have been much more if things where in better shape but I can’t blame that old system… Going to be rebuild in May, I’m happy it at least made it this far but I know Jam 31 won’t be hardware :frowning:

Keep up the creativity, one more day!

Amazing jam once again, it’s great to see how people can inspire eachother this month and try new things <3
That sax truly added a lot to the story.

Lovely jam, some great parts that I could easily have fit this in one of my games during a hectic situation. I really like that systematic chaos in your work, must had fun with todays prompt.

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It was totally unexpected coming from you and that is what made it fun for me.

I did the total opposite for myself today and revisited some highschool rock/rock n roll vibes which is totally out of my league but it’s just to much fun to try and do something I would not have done otherwise.

Seems like a very healty jam to me :wink:

Haha sorry for confusing you!

Besided the prompt issue, still a great jam Soupo!
Sounds like you had fun with that restriction, it had a grand story to share!

Smooth vibes! I liked the phrasing on this, it was really mellow.

Everything Happens In Time
Not “Black MIDI” but definitely trying to use up a year’s supply of notes :sweat_smile:
Putatively D Mixolydian/120 BPM & 10/8 time, variations on the title motif.


Well, here I go setting up midi devices:
This is gonna be nuts.

Oh, that was a fun and bouncy jam. Had me bopping along. Was that a handpan I heard? That bass was thiccc too!


Ok, I’ve never done anything like this. But, I probably should be programming more.
Boss DR770 was controlling everything else but the faint sounds of ios Ripplemaker which was the quiet synth part you hear in the beginning and end, both of those were going into other devices so I had no control over their volume.
Arturia Microfreak on a lead, Medusa on some synth sound, Roland Fantom X-6 on a setting called Narnia, Microsampler had some string sample, but then would trigger other sounds, oh and there’s also a Emu Piano module going. Everything was jammed into a Mackie Mix8, then into soundforge. There was also some electrical noise but I think it’s really only audible at the end.

One more tomorrow and then it’s on to February Album Writing Month! FAWM.org