January 31st, 2024

We did it! 31 days, 31 jams… and even if you didn’t do a jam everyday (I didn’t), you’re still a winner if you did more music than you normally would. :slightly_smiling_face:

Prompt: there’s no prompt today, you have total freedom… go wild!
BPM: 1-1200
Key: Any
Mood: triumphant


30 jams so far, it was a real rollercoaster but I am glad I’ve got my ticket to ride.
Learned new things, met new awesome creators along the way, wrote things I am going to grew font of later on.

Hope to see/hear your most awesome jam later on my channel, there is an invite to my club on the general forum, just leave your fave jam and I’ll do the rest.

Keep on jammin!


Here I go…

#jamuary2024 Bespoke Teensy Controlled CV Sequencer with Model D

There are 8 bars in each sequence of 8 CV values or notes (for 64 steps). I can ‘draw’ the CV values by turning a Potentiometer (Knob) as the sequence plays.

Made it. Thanks for setting up this web site. It’s been a lot of fun!
But now I need a rest… :yawning_face:


Thanks for sharing your amazing adventures!
Going to keep an eye on your channel, for sure we will meet again somewhere in cyberspace!

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It’s the end, I’m both happy I made it, yet sad the month is over. I quite enjoyed the ritual of creating, editing, and listening to everyone’s daily jam.

I have to say, I’m not happy with this jam. I think I psyched myself out, I wanted an epic send off to the month. I know I have more of the day to go, but I’m tapped out. Since I got yesterdays done quick and early, I was excited to spend all day working on something grand. I’ve started a dozen different projects, tried going dawless, moving out of the studio for once, but nothing sounded good. Finally, just decided to go simple and have one last jamuary jam with the Nova.

Thanks @beto for making the site and thank you everyone for helping to make my first jamuary experience a blast! I appreciate all the kind words and for taking a few minutes out of your days to listen to my music!


Here’s some floating space music. I enjoyed this quite a bit this month all!

this one is all Roland Fantom X6

Feel free to download my album if you wanna - free! There’s more tracks because I did a lot of “B Sides”.


The first thing I thought when I saw the Sonicware Mega Synthesis was: “Wow!!!”.

The second thing I thought was: “I wonder what it would sound like together with the Model: Cycles”.

So here it is. 2 FM grooveboxes. One modern, one (emulated) classic.

What do you think?


What a month, what a challenge! Having a music-making goal was awesome, and witnessing all your jams and cool gear was incredible. I’m going to miss this. Planning to linger around here for a while. Big shoutouts to @beto for the site and prompts, @CarfDarko for the intro and comments, and also to @MyopicMycelium @Expensive_Notes @dreamindani @immaculate_abyss – your lovely comments kept me going!


It was awesome meeting you once more be it online this time :wink:
Should do a beer again sometime and show me your studio.

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This song ended up being a little bit more emotional than i expected. My grandma died a few years ago and it was during lockdown so we couldn’t go see her in the hospital. I was listening to a podcast this morning about deaths during COVID and I guess I just needed to process that today.

Jan 31.mp3

So sorry it’s not really triumphant, but I hope y’all like it anyway.


Love how much variation you can get with such a simple sequence. Great setup and sound choices :slight_smile:

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love the beat. simple yet effective.
and your guitar tone sounds like an Otamatone!

Very fun :slight_smile: Great way to end the month

really great dynamics in this track. super spaaaaccccyyyy

ok. you’re making me really want the Mega Synthesis. It packs so much into such a dense board. And you’re right - these two do fit together well!

What a ride!
31 jams in a row, did not expect to make it but here we are!
It was an amazing experience, learned what BIG chords can do for my sounds, wrote some jams that I truly did not want to have missed out on and revisited an old project that now will become a yearly thing for me.

Strange enough it took me 31 one days to write in a style that I have being doing for years so I just had to end this Jamuary something trance/melodic techno. Last year I discovered Tale of Us who truly sparkled an old flame again, those sounds really merge early 2000 Anthem trance vibes with Techno and it’s something I want to try more in the future.

So my final jam for this month was losely based on the vibes I get from their music, mixed with some good ol’ 303 sounds.

Did not feel like going to battle again with a broken computer in the studio so sadly no JP8000/AN1x who are made for this job, but just good ol’ Fruity.

Keep on jammin you awesome people,

With love, the final word that ends my Jamuary 2024.


Great track, felt the emotion in that one. Great guitar tone too. No need to apologize, I imagine we all process through our creative pursuits.

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I love the way you play with volume/dynamics. That timpani bang-and-fade at the beginning was such a cool way to intro the track. Nice job and congrats on finishing!

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Gotta love that trance kick. I think it combines really well with the higher-pitched techno synth!

Wow, unreal to get here to the end of Jamuary - 22 jams way more than I would have thought possible! Found out about the thing from @CinematicLaboratory and cleared the decks as soon as I could.
Here is the final jam, Improbable Liasons. The title is from a book “chronos” by Etienne Klein wherein she notes our lives are a series of improbable liasons, chance moments in time.
Each of the voices had an element of chance, be it explicitly in the sequencer or implictly in the granular variance settings.


Sick Jams this month!

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