January 4th, 2024

Day 4! How’s everyone doing?

Prompt: Noise
Key: Eb
BPM: 127

#Jamuary2024 - Jaunty Jam with RoAT, TB-3 RD-6 and Sync Master on ArduBoy Clone.

The Arduboy Clone is providing a sync pulse with swing for the ED-6 and TD-3


This is very cool. I love the metal thing…

Modular. Plonk, braids clone, clouds clone, pittsburgh delay, 2 turing machines, maths is in there too. and the output went through a boss DD200.


Ended up in the key of A somehow. Anyway, here’s some noise: Jan 4.mp3


6 White Noise Ops, 4 Noise Wavetables, 1 Sinewave, + loads of effects.


When I think about what makes noise, I think about sounds that don’t align. so my interpretation of this prompt is as follows:

I have 6 tracks on the Cycles, and 5 tracks on the SH-4d, so that’s 11 tracks in total.

Since you can give each track a different length, I gave them lengths of 1 to 11 (according to track number). Sometimes I cheated a bit with trig locks for example, but overal it turned out pretty nice.

Hope you like it too.


My interpretation for todays prompt Noise was to use as many synths as possible while just write and see where it’s story takes me.

Tried to write something 80’s inspired, and rediscovered how much that snare on the Boss RD6 SLAPS <3

Sadly I’ve lost the skulpt sound during a 2nd recording, not sure what happened but I only found out after closing the studio and I did not save which patch was used in my daw…

Yamaha AN1x - First lead
Roland JP8000 - Second lead
Roland JP4000 - Filler
Modal Craftsynth 2 - Bass
Modal Skulpt - low in 2nd part (seems to be missing in this recording! Darn!)
Yamaha DX Reface


Seems like a fun setup to make some noise with!

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Truly mesmerising, great combination of sounds!

Lovely weird part with unique sounds. I can feel you had fun while recording this :wink:

Those first 20 seconds are coming in hard!
Love the crazy effects, it’s telling it’s own little story.

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Very inspiring, I love the live mixing and buildup, some great Techno going on there!

@Gubna Super fun and plinky. Clouds is always a win! Good jam!

@dreamindani This jam was cool. Love the dark mood. I blame my son for all the mario in the house lately, but this would be a great Bowser theme!

@Soupoclap Man, got some great noises in there. Amazing textures, love the glistening bells in the background contrasting the gnarly gritty growls.

@kanduvisla Like how you did the prompt. I’m always fascinated by that “berlin school” way of sequencing, where the clip lengths don’t align and you get cool patterns that fade in and out. Really fun and inspiring jam!

@CarfDarko Hell yeah! Synthwave! Nailed that retro sound and it’s really groovy too!

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Here’s mine, I was finally able to record a video:

I set the NTS-1 arpeggio to 127 BPM, and played a few keys from the Eb scale. The noise comes from the “Decimator” effect in the Kaosspad.



Decided to start learning how to use the other piece of new gear I got for Christmas on this one, and was pretty blown away by what I could do with just the looper and vocal FX. Can’t wait to get these FX midi synced with some drums and synth sounds…whoa!

Made with vocals and the Roland E-4 (Shure SM58 mic).


synthetic waves and digital bugs on my make believe island getaway!


127 bpm got me feeling all mischievous. Quite enjoyed this prompt. Polybrute doing pads, Pulsar-23 handling background percussion, both sequenced by the Hapax. And then me playing on top with the Terra.

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