January 6th, 2024

Prompt: use a sample from public domain material
BPM: 99
Mood: destructive

#jamuary2024 - Sy1000 Guitar Synth and RC 500 Looper.
The lead synth Patch is called “Welcome to the Machine”.

Thanks to Nobulusprime for the Awesome SY1000 patch. Genius programming.


This was fun! I took a loop from Bob Grant and His Orchestra playing the “Song Hits of 1917” track “Will You Remember Me” and threw it through my Moog Grandmother connected to a Lyra 8 FX module.

Jan 6.mp3

The second half of this thing makes me both excited and terrified :sweat_smile:


Funky! That guitar tone does sound a LOT like Roger Water’s tone from Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here.

When those hihats come in, I was hooked. Super tight. I love how fast the lead synth releases - it leaves so much space for the underlying beat to shine through.

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Original: The Butcher’s Boy by Buell Kazee (Recording date: 18.1.1928)
Destroyed today @ 99 BPM

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That’s why its called “Welcome to the Machine” :wink:

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The other day Beto suggested using an acoustic instrument, saw it after I’d posted so I did it here. Acoustic guitar, alt tuning (although I’d have to get the tuner out to tell you what it is. I think there’s a C# in there.)

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Rad. I’ve never seen all three OP’s in one place before! Do you use your dice for music production (randomization?)


@Expensive_Notes Damn that is funky!!

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Great sounds here. I like the squelchy sounds after the cow was released.

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Thanks, It was the bass patch that did it.

The most important lesson I’ve learned from today’s jam was to sincerely thank the host from the party so a big thank you to @beto for making all of this possible!

Now back to the regular program!

Source file is What Makes a Good Party (1950)

Hope to be here tomorrow, my mum is not doing well and while I truly love jammin in Jamuary, mums health goes above everything.

Keep on rockin!


Not super happy with this one, but doing something to not break the streak. Did a quick jam on the OP-Z using a sample from Cole Porter.

@CarfDarko, wishing your mother a quick recovery!


I found a sample in a Philip Pullman audio book (*hint: Dæmons) that really captures the mood of the day here in America… I thought it appropriate on this particular day.



Broke out the Theremin again, but this time learned to implement effects with the OPZ and OP1 in the signal chain. Fun Times!

Made with: KSP, OP1, OPZ, MOOG Theremin


SP-404, Pulsar-23, and a Lemondrop.


Wow! This really gives me an idea of the mood over there. Well done!