SoundCloud Alternatives

Last year I posted my stuff on SoundCloud but I’m low on free space and not currently working so not eager to pay for an account.

I was thinking of uploading my tracks straight to Bandcamp but there isn’t much of a social component there.

Where will folks be uploading their jams this year?

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Youtube and Newgrounds are my places to go to share my jams.
Best of luck this month and happy jammin!

I’ve been using Funkwhale to host my songs, it’s an ActivityPub service for music so people can subscribe to channels from Mastodon, for example. I run my server on, with two channels, one called “backstage”, with jams and behind-the-scenes stuff, and another called “releases”.

The downside is that the embed doesn’t work on Discourse. Oh, well.

@spilth I often delete my tracks from soundcloud and just have them on bandcamp. This year, I’m posting them to both platforms - using the soundcloud to embed here, but probably after Feb, I’ll just have them in a bandcamp album.