Who is ready for some JAMMIN!

I hope you all dusted off those synths and keyboards in the studio, updated all software, filled the fridge and stashed up cookies and chocolate, shaved, informed friends and family about the journey and told them goodbye until Februari.

In other words, I wish you all the best of luck and keep up the creativity!

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Ready! This is my first Jamuary, although I have done FAWM every February since 2020. Looking forward to this!


Awesome to read, can’t wait to start jammin myself!

What tools do you use to make your creations come to life?

When do the threads start? It’s already 2024 in Australia!

I hope Beto will be here soon!

Hi all,
I will not Jamuarize this year, too much things going on with my time schedule, but…

you have my sympathies.

all the best



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I miss your jams, @Johann! Have a great 2024!

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