January 2nd, 2023

Post your 2nd jam here!

And if you need some inspiration or extra challenge, feel free to use these:

  • Prompt: “Make a song without an intro”
  • Key: C
  • BPM: 90

Music Thing Modular Turing machine for triggering ModBap Osiris and BIA. Nerdseq for pitch. Koala Sampler for drums. Mimetic Digitalis, Clep Diaz and Acid Rain Maestro on modulation duties. Electus Versio for effects.



Two is a pattern, so that makes this a habit. Lovely seeing everyone’s work. Happy Jamuary!


God, it took me ages to get something I was happy with. Happy to say I learned how to Pan instruments and copy/paste patterns on the TR-8 today (only just got the kit)

Hope you enjoy it!


First time uploading content for jamuary!


I experimented more with lead and solo. Made with microfreak.


Experimenting with glitchy sounds and dissonances


a jam with two #benjolin (by the great rob hordijk who sadly passed away much too early), modulated by pamela’s new workout and effected by mutable instruments beads and 4ms dll.


I recently bought a Zoom H1n recorder and my first opportunity to use it for a field recording was out on a fishing pier where gulls were squawking. So this morning, when I was getting squawking sounds out of my Tocante Bistab, I decided to go with it…

Equipment used: Tocante Bistab, Ellitone UltraRollzFarmDetective fed through a Shbobo Shnth, BugBrand Board Chirper, Bastl Dude mixer, T2 reverb. Recorded with a Zoom H1n with the fade out processed in TwistedWave.


A little rough around the edges:

With just an OP-Z, heavily inspired by Clarity (by John Mayer)


Day 2, getting more comfortable with setting up some modular stuff. The goal today was to control different percussion tracks from the Minibrute Sequencer. Wanted to take an hour at most to work on this, it turned into about 90 minutes due to making some mistakes while uploading and some distractions. All together, I’m pretty pleased.

Mutable Instruments Plaits and Behringer Brains for percussion
Cre8audio Chips for the bassline
The Arturia Minibrute itself for the ostinato
Some Arturia soft synths for the leads


Kult/Valhlla Delay/Rift (drones)
Minibrute 2S (drones)
Kult/Echobode (melody)


Here is my second entry for #jamuary2023 : “get to the chopper”:

And when I think of choppers, I think of LFO’s. So that is what I tried in this jam: play with the LFO’s, and eventually the choppers went of into space. :smile:

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Alright Jam02 is done!

Another Trance jam, my AN1x is just screaming to be used on that early 2000 way.
Starts with the lead right away, as requested, and is following a C scale.

Hope you all have a good Jamuary so far!
Going to check out all the uploads above mine and leave a comment.

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Yay! #2 is done. Now the real challenge - keeping up with it when I go back to work tomorrow.

This one is mostly driven by the Lyra-8 and Ornament-8, which provide the drone, and is sent through several modular filters. The church bell sounds are the original Lyra signal, processed by the GR-1, and sequenced by the Hapax, with Left/Right channels each going to different delay/reverb pedals. The drums (BIA/Peaks) and the higher frequency chimes (Plaits/Beads) are sequenced by an envelope follower on the Lyra signal.


Made with Korg MS2000R fiddling with knobs, Patterning changing settings as it played, and guitar run through a microcosm pedal - one side is reversed, plus a couple of samples placed at the end.

On Day 2, I wanted to do something I rarely do, improvise one specific instrument and create a songlike piece. I decided to do this with my new Arturia Minifreak, because first, it is very versatile and second, it can give me that gritty kraut sound of the 70s. For the extra grittyness, I sent the minifreak through Pittsburgh Modular’s Okapi Stereomixer in saturation mode and then through a pair of wolfs from Pittsburgh, where I did some extra drive pre-eq and then lifted some low end and mids. At the end, there were only two parts I recorded and the experience was awesome and I was really happy at the end. The only sour part was the drums. As you see in the video, I did them with my Elektron Digitakt. But they were so bad, I only left a steady bassdrum, but in the end it felt nice anyway. Hope you have fun hearing, let’s keep up the good work and fun in #jamuary2023


It got late and I was short of time. I had a bassriff I had hummed while biking home. So I put down a guiding rhythmtrack, recorded the bass and added a Marimba. Sang some backingvox and then added some mumble vocals (no lyrics) on top.

tonight it will have to do.


#Jamuary2023 Ep. 2: Arcologies on Monome Norns

Ambient-ish generative phrases in C-major with the Arcologies script on Norns. 120BPM. Timbre modulation with sixolet/toolkit. Sequenced live in the video, save for some noodling and strings in the background that I overdubbed after the fact with Iridium for some variety.

This is also my #Genuary2023 entry for #Genuary2. Today’s prompt was “Made in 10 minutes”: the version of Arcologies you see in the video is slightly augmented by me in the code to allow modulating the timbre of the internal PolyPerc synthesizer engine. That probably took a bit more than 10 minutes but could be worse :sweat_smile:

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Here’s my contribution: Shoot the Robots. Made yesterday on an op-z, but I had to use all day today to perform and record and edit the thing. So nice to see so many people joining.

Oh and I didn’t realise the video camera would produce such a loud background buzz. Sorry about that! Should’ve deleted that audio track.

Decided to put the clean file on Soundcloud as well, without the background noise.

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