January 3rd, 2024

Post your jams for day 3!

Prompt: Something old, something new.
Mood: Ashamed, Cautious.
BPM: 90

#Jamuary2024 Langton’s Ant Sequencer Jam - & Launchpads, Volca FM, Volca Bass, Volca Drum and NTS-1

The Teensy is running a version of Langton’s Ant to determine the colour of the squares on the Launchpads. As the sequence increments (see blue pad for sequence position) the NTS-1 is playing notes based on the Ants y position (Red pad). The Volcas are playing notes based on the white and black pads.


Posting this one early for the third (still the 2nd here for about 3 hours or so), have had unbelievable trouble with a DAW laptop of mine for the past few weeks - trying to get it going, unistalling/re-installing - to no avail. This one is all ipad, direct into Soundforge in another machine. Ugh. computers can be a real pain.


Cool crazy sounds. Nice beats. A fun listen…

@Expensive_Notes This was so cool to watch! My stoned ass forgot what I was doing. Really cool beat and enjoyed zoning out to it!

@Gubna Enjoyed this jam. Love the industrial feel and the different sounds you used.

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Day 3! Let’s Go! Seriously, how is everyone hanging in? Any burnout yet? Mental Health Check, we can do this do!

Anyway, today I went for a chill vibe. Hope you guys enjoy this one and can’t wait to listen to your jams!


Certainly got that chilled feeling! Nice one.
Even a few Jazz notes! :wink:

Hope the “jazz” notes didn’t ruin it :smiley:

Of course not! The trick is to play them again, then people think it’s on purpose! :slight_smile:

Something old, something new…

What I did: I opened the first pattern I created on my Model: Cycles (right after I bought it, almost 3 years ago) , and made something new with it.

@90bpm of course :wink:


Nice jam for today! Really hypnotic jam

Ashamed and cautious—just where my mood’s at today.


This one made me super UNCOMFY but I’m glad I was able to finish it: Jan 3.mp3

The “something old” is the Say It Ain’t So progression (Weezer) that I play all the time (though never at this speed) and the “something new” is a keyboard patch I’ve never used. Oh and everything is both “old and new” in that it’s going through one of those shitty lo-fi filters that everyone uses nowadays.

Drums are kinda all over the place, but I tried to keep my time limit (30 minutes of recording a day, 30 minutes for cleanup and uploading).

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I like it. Nice glitchyness and cool chords. Sounds cautious!

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Sounds good to me! It a has a nice organic feel to it because it is.

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Time to mix some love for oldschool gaming and put a new synth to work!
Jamuary 03 - Something old/something new!

Any oldschool gamers can guess the vibes that inspired this jam?


Cool music. Sorry I have no idea about games, too old for that scene…
Well done!

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A similar setup from yesterday:

Arturia Beatstep driving the Landscape Noon.
Sparse notes on the Korg NTS-1 with delay and reverb.
Everything going through the Tiny Orchestra patch running on the Empress ZOIA.

Careful: there are some loud resonant noises, make sure the volume is not too high.

Tomorrow I’ll try to record a video. I’m still in quarantine (still testing positive after a week of COVID), so my setup is a bit limiteed.


A little sketch I put together during my commute to and from work. All iOS on this one, using Riffer and a bouncing ball sequencer.

The “something old” in this case is the footage from a ponderosa pine forest in Oregon that I filmed years ago, processed using EFEKT for iOS.



Fun little groove, practicing not going overboard on the punch-in fx on the EP133 (still more work to do there, lol).

Made with the new EP-133 and the old OP-1.