January 8th, 2024

Second week starting! How’s everyone doing?

Prompt: 7th chords
BPM: 83
Mood: forgetful

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#jamuary2024 - Model D and Wingie2 Jam

I think I got the mood right…


7th chords I don’t even know where to start… My music lessons from sheet where from '91 till '96 and from there on I just gone my own way because trying to do what is in your head is way more fun than trying to read from paper and play…

Now years later the whole music theory thingie started to connect dots that little Carf never would have the mindset for and after watching a YT video and noodling around in FL I wrote a start that I will work out later today and it’s just one of the Jamuary things… If this event did not excist I would not have wrote this <3

Keep on jammin all you awesome people <3


20 years ago I played guitar in a Big Band and that certainly got my chords up to speed. 7ths were the least I had to play and the chords often changed every beat!

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@beto I’m doing good! Happy I’ve made it this far! How are you doing? Feeling better?


You can have a lot of fun with VCV Rack! Nice one.

Today’s song is dedicated to a friend that passed away in 2016. I talk with her mom regularly but am still nervous to share this with her…

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This one has Ripplemaker, Sector, (1st ipad), and Fluss (on the 2nd ipad) - the preset is some ambient guitar sound which sounds like someone just playing one note in the back of a big church. Then the Roland SP404MKII (which I love and hate) into the Hologram Microcosm (would be my desert island pedal). All of that is going into a Mackie Mix 5 and the tape out is into my Tascam DP008EX which I recorded a stereo track, then put that into Soundforge 17.

actually remembered to take a pic this time!


The Drumbrute is back at it with it’s silly-loud high-hat: Jan 8.mp3
I liked this prompt. Made me think a bit!


I skipped a few days because busy busy busy, but today I incisted to participate:


Great tribute to your friend. All the best.

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Sounds like something from a Bugs Bunny cartoon vs Frank Zappa. I like the wonky piano! Nice one.

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This one truly is in my top 3 jams since 3 years of Jamuary.

Once again something I jammed something I would not have jammed if not for Jamuary and it teached me a few things that really inspired me to dive into like never before, finally reaching a level where I feel like I am getting closer to reach a personal goal and be able to write the music what inspired me back in the 90’s.

Which all started with the music from an arcade cabinet that is almost, but not quite, entirely unlike a red Ferrari Testarossa, Sega’s Outrun <3

Thanks again @beto for making this possible :slight_smile:
This jam truly inspired me to learn more about chords.

Boss DR-3 Drums
Boss DR-3 Bass
An1x sweet lead sound
DX Reface added sweet lead sound layer
Waldorf Streichfett little extra sound in 2nd part
Roland Groovebox MC505 doing his absolute best adding a little reversed cymbal once.


Very quirky. While it seems consistent it isn’t. Nice listen.
There are some great synths on iPads ( I have a lot too).

Lovely chilled track. Enjoying it while I do some programming.

Nice cheerful and optimistic track. Well done!

Respect for sharing, this seems truly like a personal project.

@Expensive_Notes I totally agree and it would not even surprize me if it was intended lol.

Another unexpected one from Soupo, keep them coming!


Great intro, it really makes me curious what is coming up next, I sense some Metroid vibes but that is probably just the oldschool gamer in me.
That Microcosm is just soo fucking amazing, I just would love to play around with it one day.