Show that studio!

So what is your creative battle station like?

I’ve been using software for +30 years, starting with an Amiga500.
First synth was my trusty Roland MC505 Groovebox in '99 but it took
another 22 years before I started expanding my gear after being kind
of bored with the software only side of things, and the luck that I had
a spare room that, although not on the big side, would be great for
a MIDI studio.

Digitech 255 FX pedal - Digitech RP55 FX pedal - BOSS DR3
Modal Skulpt - Modal Craftsynth 2 - Behringer Crave
Waldorf Streichfett - Yamaha DX Reface

Yamaha RM1x
Roland MC505 Groovebox (not my OG one)

Yamaha AN1x
Roland JP8000

Missing from this picture, if it even would have been possible to spot is my Behringer JT4000.

Can’t wait to see some epic studios!


Oh, man! That’s a cool space… seems like a place to get in the flow and just forget about the world.

I’m currently between homes, and my music stuff is spread between 4 houses in 3 states. I’m now staying at a golf club to quarantine because I have COVID — not fun. I brought some of my stuff with me, but it’s a complete mess:

Above you can see how I recorded a video of my jam today: I had my phone on the glass table, facing down, and I played the Korg NTS-1 on a trash bin under the table.

The place has a washer but no dryer; apologies for my laundry drying on the chair. :stuck_out_tongue:


I always love these threads. I vary my time between my studio, and living room. Sometimes I move a bunch of gear in the LR because it’s just more comfortable.

This was my set up long ago. ha!

Current set up, less some devices boxed up at the moment.


I love that desk with the rack mount… where did you get it?

These posts are always fun. Totally enjoy seeing everyone’s setups! I’m in the middle of moving gear around so the patch bay is a disaster.


It’s a bit messy right now but my setup is split between two corners of my office. In one corner we’ve got a mac mini m1 and a tascam us-16x08 audio interface. When I’m not playing the v-drums, the arturia drumbrute chugs along in all its analog glory. Both the drumbrute and the moog grandmother are synced to the boss rc-300 loop station’s midi clock since I usually record guitar or bass first.

Guitar tones mostly come from the zoom g3n pedal and occasionally the electro-harmonics POG2. My mic goes through an old tc-helicon voicelive play which I use for vocal looping and live vocal effects. And everything goes through my peavy keyboard amp or a 1970s Peavy PA when I want stereo sound.

Got a bunch of studio guitars and a few that I’ll bring in from other rooms, depending on the sound I’m going for. The only bass I have is a 5-string Cort that I got for a steal at a thrift store!

Your eurorack is gorgeous! Love how everything is so reachable!

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I totally dig this “get up and running” style setup. Reminds me of a lot of the practice spaces I’ve been in where you have to move all your stuff to the side for when other bands come in to play

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So organized! I dig all the video game characters on the shelf too. I wonder what it would sound like if big daddy played one of those keyboards

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I almost feel ashamed for my playground studio compared to all those neatly tight studios I see over here!

For me personally my creative rooms always had to be filled with things I like/inspired me one way or another. From games to movies and every kind of media in between.

Please do tell me you call cleaned up before taking these lovely pictures!

@dreamindani I am in love with your vinyl rug.

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@CarfDarko haha thanks! It’s a cheapo one I got on Amazon:

The text on it literally says “Vector Illustration” which I find hilarious

It really ties the room together!


I may have tidied a bit. There’d be more cables and notebooks and random crap on whatever flat spaces I have. I also left out the desk & keyboard stand outside of my nook which are a huge mess of cables and random gear.

I wonder what it would cost to install 1/4" jack panels into my walls… would make things so much simpler.

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@beto if you are referring to mine, that is an old Ikea desk with the adjustable legs (can be standing height), and the rackmount I built out myself. For years I’d see things like it and drool, then one day I thought that it wouldn’t be hard to build something like it for this desk. It only attaches in the back with two right-angle brackets so if I want to move it, it’s fairly easy. The top piece is one of the sides from an old CD holder tower and the angled uprights I cut from another Ikea shelf, and then I added the rack brackets. I need to get that desktop mounted underneath the desk cause it vibrates too loudly.

Here’s an alternate shot, from 2021



Ey I recognize those modulars from last year, seems the studio has expanded!

It’s small, but it’s mine.

And it’s fine :slight_smile:


And I love some of the techno things you shared on YT made in that same studio <3

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Thanks! I’m really enjoying your jams as well. Nice visuals too!

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My new studio:

I haven’t made any songs with the Woovebox yet, but I’m planning to tackle it next. For now I’m just jamming with the OP-Z and the Kaosspad, my favorite combo (I use the Kaosspad for effects and also for recording into the micro SD card).